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Oct. 7th, 2009


Review: Trader's Consortium Masquerade Faire

I had the privilege to attend the recent Masquerade Faire, hosted by the Trader’s Consortium working alongside the Tavern Troupe and the Locksmith Union. With the hard work put forth by these esteemed groups representing their various trades I expected a wonder of diversity and nobility, class and refinement. While I did experience those to some degree I also feel it is my duty as a journalist, a man of noble birth and a connoisseur of all things fine in life to give my expert critique of this gala. This gay festivity, full of exuberant and jovial youth, was charming and yet debasing. Allow me to explain why.


I found the food and provisions to be delightful. Truly, the Trader’s Consortium outdid itself by delivering only the finest of morsels. From morels to mussels, lobster to sweet liqueurs, there was a smorgasbord of cuisine for every taste. Unfortunately, to my dismay and disgust I saw flocks of people stuffing these fine items into bags to cart home with them. Starving peasants, no doubt, packing the finely imported delicacies of the Trader’s Consortium event to take home to their starving families. Truly a sad sight, as I pity their poverty, and yet simultaneously revolting.


Also revolting were the peasants themselves. Unfortunately with an event this large in scope some of the riff-raff will slip in. However, I believe the strictest measures should be taken to keep the unworthy away from those of us with refinement, taste, and pure blood. I found myself literally bumping against smelly urchins, working men, members of the middle class and others I will not even mention. The crowded conditions even forced the throng of bodies to press in on me, forcing the unwashed frames of greasy, lice-ridden beggars to smear against my newly-cleaned tailored longcoat. Because of this my coat had to be taken to be cleaned immediately after I left. And frankly I have a difficult time understanding the garbled Gnomish of my cleaner. Foreigners – they need to learn to speak Common or go back where they came from. But I digress.


Despite being forced to mix with the peasants I found many of the events hosted by the Trader’s Consortium to be splendid. The auction especially as it helped to ensure that those with no money would wait outside where they belonged. I do love to see the exchange of goods for hard coin; those whose noble families have amassed wealth deserve nothing but the best. Unfortunately, I saw many low-value items being auctioned off as well, diluting what could have been not merely splendid but extraordinary. In the future I would recommend having the attendants, perhaps even bodyguards, keep those from the lower classes outside. Perhaps they could have their own separate auction all together. In fact, a separate establishment and party for those from the lower classes would have been even better! I think this would provide a fair and equal solution to the problem of mixing with undesirables.


A final word of note that disturbed me more than anything was the veiled propaganda of the Trader’s Consortium. Yes, they did a very good job at concealing it. Nonetheless, for those of us who are politically astute it was glaring in our faces. It is widely known that the Trader’s Consortium is largely controlled by a cabal of Prydaen bankers – the same Prydaen bankers who have infiltrated the Barony and the government of Shard. The same banking cabal responsible for the bombing of the Longbow Bridge. Propaganda of a nature that I do not wish to repeat, less it be inadvertently perpetuated in this very account, was indeed evident at this gala. I fear for the corruption of our youth.


I believe that, overall, the Masquerade Faire was a positive event. However, for future events we must all be especially vigilant in protecting it from the evils of society. We must protect our gatherings from improper class and racial mixing. And we must protect our gatherings from the veiled propaganda of Prydaen bankers. This, my friends, we must do for our children and our women. We must do this for the Province of Zoluren, our homeland, and for our very future.

Oct. 6th, 2009


Ambassador of Peace

The other night, I was with Marsais as we entered the great halls of Therenborough Keep. Lord Chamberlain Isleif Dunshade was about, and there was some heavy discussion regarding a mercenary group known as The Flying Company. I should say now that my opinion of them is neutral, but I have found many of the members to hold a great deal of honor, on a personal level. And I call more than one of it's members a friend.

What worried me about this conversation was the severity in which they treated the situation of the Flying Company being in Therengia. I know they hold honor and loyalty above many things in Therengia, but the way this subject refused to die from their lips almost revolted me. To the point that I did speak out. My concern for their inability ot move past this issue was not met kindly, but I did inspire myself, so to speak. So I asked the Court Advisor for an audience with the Baron.

I understand this may be fruitless, and I understand that I may not be met with kindness, but I must try. I am going to go to the Baron, and ideally other nations as well and appeal to them to listen to reason. To cast aside these petty differences and resentments, at least for now, and unite under one banner. That is my dream. When I held the prayer vigil to Albreda the other night, I felt like my mission became clear. I will travel to each province, as an Emissary of Albreda, to try and help them to understand the severity of our problems. Divided, our lands fell once before to the great evil of the Dragon Priests. This threat is much worse.

Working together, I think we stand a chance.

Aug. 17th, 2009


The calm before.

In my travels I have learned a great many details. When I was a Moon Mage, there was only time for learning the esoterica of magic and philosophy for the most part. Now that I am my own person and a simple scholar there are times to learn strange facts. One currently in my mind is the fact that a large storm will quite oddly have an area of calm in the center.

Quite simply, Lyras is our storm and all of Kermoria now stands within this calm area.

It has been months now since any major actions on her part, months that I have been training myself to make any small difference in this conflict. Tonight I shall return to my home, Ilithi, to join many in clearing the roads of Lyras' minions. It shall be odd to return to Shard after so long, but it is now good to be a face in the crowd. I am forgotten, and so my past will not interfere with my ability to help, hopefully, end this threat.

I return to civilization now after weeks in the wild spent contemplating my failure to learn from Xerasyth. Those whom shout about the price not being worth paying in regardless to his information obviously do not remember being at the Warcamp, filled with bodies. When Lyras ripped forth a hole in reality, I silently vowed to do anything to stop this.

If no one else will pay the price, then it falls on me.

May. 18th, 2009



Journelai Encampment

Spring, 394AV

I sit in an armed camp amongst the western end of the Journelai Shel, watching the road between Kwarlog and Hibarnhvidar. Trade between the cities has evolved into armed caravans bearing supplies from the north towards Hibarnhvidar. The best I can tell is that Kwarlog has avoided the worst of the attacks so far. Perhaps the indominable snow-clad might of Asketi's Mount and the Monastery near the road is enough to keep the undead generally driven back.

While the dwarves have many hidden routes to make sure material and men reach Raven's Point and Ain Ghazal, the major roads to the east lie clogged with hordes of undead. Repeated attempts to purge them from the shoulders of the Himineldar have been met with limited success, and even Hibarnhvidar's gates have been briefly overrun at times. They must have found some ancient unguarded seam of rock to traverse, or their arts let them establish gates and threaten the city itself.

Business with the western nomads and the Dabru on Ratha have kept me away from the city for a length of time now. I heard the foul Olvi Tachid led a recent assault that led to great casualties amongst the defenders before the undead were driven out from the halls. It is not certain yet if Inner Hibarnhvidar was breached yet or not, yet I have heard that Grutan donned his plate and entered the fray as well. If only I had the opportunity to see him fight in person!

However, it is good that I have heard that the defenders of Ilithi came to our aid as well. Our aid to their city nearly a year past now is being returned, and I hope closer affairs between the two lands will be possible. Even in peaceful times, both lands must guard against the Dragon Priest threat, as those dwelling within the walls of Raven's Point as well aware.

Another storm is brewing from the mountains, so I must draw this to a close, but I will also add that my meetings with the Nadamian family went well. Several shipments of arms and armor are on their way from the isles, as well as bundles of healing herbs. While it might not be a major help in the grand scheme of things, it will aid those who they can reach. A definitive date for their arrival has not yet been set, but I believe it should arrive by summer.

Signed by my hand,
Kraggur Kveldcharn

May. 14th, 2009


an Essay on the supposed existence of the gods....

(Ehon sits quietly, writing on the parchment, looking around once and a while at those around him in the library, stacks of books next to him as he rifles through them, reading each one...nodding to himself as he gleans the information from them, and then turning to the parchment he continues on with the writing, unhurried and pausing several times...)

I will attempt in this essay to convey my thoughts and feelings towards the gods in as clear and educated manner as I can. But as is often the case when dealing closely with things that pertain to religion emotion usually gets in the way of clear and rational thought. I have often heard that there are two subjects one should never speak about...Religion and Politics. For both the line seems blurry to some. Some may use Religion to further their goals and political dreams, and some may use politics to further their religious goals. I am employing neither tactic. I would rather like to state a fact, I do not believe in the Gods, nor do I have any political agenda. I do not wish to have all records of the gods stricken, nor do I wish to gain any political power through this essay.

In the End I want what anyone else wants. Someone to spend my life with, a cold beer, and a door to my bathroom.

I shall begin with a quote:

The presence of the Thirteen Immortals of Elanthia is undeniable, their power and mythology woven into the fabric of the universe, their influence as vital as air or sunlight -- but not nearly as intangible. In fact, the primary faith of the Realms is so closely a part of its existence that it has no name -- it is simply taken for granted that everyone believes in the legends of the Thirteen.

Ok, I would like for a moment to work with that quote. I will not deny that it some point in our history that perhaps there were individuals who rose above us in power and knowledge and were able to perform feats that well, for lack of a better word, blew away our ancestors. Perhaps at that point their legends began? Who is to say to their primitive minds, when they angered the gods, or thought they had, real world calamities struck. Such as Volcano's erupting, or earthquakes or what have you. As a Warrior Mage, I have studied the Elements quite lengthily and while I do not have control over Fire, I have a strong affinity to earth, and I too can create an earthquake. Perhaps long long ago, had I lived with this knowledge I too would have been Deified with my knowledge and skills. It is hard to say.

I will admit for a moment, that Clerics intrigue me. They seem to Commune with the Gods, or whom they believe to be the gods. Well do we all know first hand what happens to us when we fall unfortunately to the blade or hand of a foe and how our own spirit seems to want to leave our bodies long behind. What if these immortals, these Gods were once living and breathing such as you and I. and When it was their time to depart and walk the Starry Road, they did not. Perhaps they dwell in a place between, being able to affect only minutely our plane of existence. Yet, when we too are in that in between state we can see them fully, and they have some sort of touch upon us. Perhaps in that state they can know many different things, these spirits, and aid us or hinder us as their mood dictates. For example, Favors. Perhaps at some point they were able to discover that there was a way to help bond the soul to the body, to sacrifice some knowledge in order to extend your own life. Again, I cannot begin to understand the whole connection between our knowledge and the bonding of the soul to this plane. Perhaps it is simply the dumber you are the longer you live, I have seen proof of that on a daily basis.

 I am not sure of anything really, this is simply a theory. But as far as I know the only real argument I have ever had thus far for the existence of them is that I need to die to see them. And some have been 'helpful' in this matter.

On to the next quote:

When mortals or semi-mortals offend a particular god, they are sure to incur the ire of the negative aspect. Attempts to please the gods may bring out the positive aspects, but there is no guarantee. Each Immortal is lord over particular spiritual, natural, magical and astrological domains, for example each Lord has his/her own corresponding planet.

In the past few years I have become quite vocal in my disbelief of the gods, whether it was simply in a loud and heated debate, or ending in my own death, I would never think of killing someone just to prove a point, it seems more along the lines of losing to me, and ethically wrong to me some how. I know my secular views are not popular, and I may be the only one who does not follow the 'gods' blindly. But I have seen many who have claimed to follow the immortals and commit such atrocities against their fellow citizens that it appalls me. In a way it amazes me, that without the guidance of any Deity I have been able to come up with some sort of moral code where I will not do harm to another person, through stealing, or killing or even mistreatment whether verbally or physically. I cannot help it, whether it is my natural Kaldar traits or myself personally, I do feel quite superior in this matter.

I would like to address the current events for a moment as well. The many different people I have met through the course of these events, and how good they are. And how I was not judged on my abilities based on my belief system. As a matter of fact it was not brought up. Whether it was understood what I believed in, or whether they thought I simply believed in the same things they did. It does not matter. What matters is that free thinking individuals stood...stand together against something they they know is wrong deep within their hearts.

Again, I would like to reiterate that I do not wish to sway anyone's beliefs with the words that are written here. They are simply my own words and thoughts, I have no hidden agenda, the only real goal of this is to finally put to words what I have been thinking about and feeling, and perhaps stay the hand of a 'helpful' soul who still wishes to show me that the gods exist when I am dead. As I reread these lines, I think to myself that were I to reread these lines many years from now, how much my thoughts may change. Perhaps there will be some revelation for me showing me that the gods do truly exist, or that I will be able to simply add more lines of rhetoric to this already long winded essay. So, I shall leave you with this then...To be Continued....

Ehon, Citizen of Elanthia, Aesry, and a Member of the Order of the Iron Circle.

(Ehon stands up, and then blowing lightly on the parchment to dry the ink, he leaves it on the desk for all to read as he returns the books to their shelves)

Apr. 30th, 2009



394, 84 VoL
3rd of Lirisa the Archer, Golden Panther.

I've meditated on various aspects of this war long enough to put what I've gleaned into writing.

Lyras seeks the destruction of life. While I can't fault her tactics her goals run...counter to my own. Her reasons have been speculated on by more interested and intelligent people than myself. Motivation does not interest me. How she plans on doing this is much more intriguing.

She controls the only army in existence that grows stronger the longer it spends in battle, both in numbers and effectiveness. That she is physically weak compared to other invaders that have come before or even some defenders currently fighting in the war is no secret. This is not the strength of the necromancers. A sword and a strong arm to wield it is a good tool but little use in a flood.

That they're largely resistant to elemental magic is...troubling. Holy magic though, the same magic infused in Blackfire in tandum with elemental, seems to work very effectively. I fear this observation will not be well recieved but I'm past the point of caring what these packs of dogs think. If this war is to be won it will not be won at the tip of a sword, however.

A few behavioral notes:

People seem to react vehemently to the various risen Lyras has brought to bear. While I understand a certain amount of distaste...their reaction implies these objects have free will and intent. Klusarlaik has disproven this beyond any reasonable doubt. I find their reactions and implications these are free thinking creatures...stupid. Why I am still surprised by their inability to reason is a mystery to me.

Apr. 20th, 2009


Divorce and Death

394, 44 VOL, 2nd month of Ka'len, Sea Drake YOT Golden Panther.

I have divorced.

I would explain that further but as with my marriage it meant very little. An interesting experiment with a quick ending. I've neither gained compassion nor understanding, people yet remain an unfathomable paradox to me.

That this...diversion has slowed my training is an understatement. Thankfully I have since made up for lost time in the discovery of several scrolls of sorcery. I'm hoping they will allow me to better understand the nature of magic 'mixing' so that I can better prepare myself for the rigors of Blackfire.

On a side note...I killed a halfling named Tachid. This act would rarely warrant an mention in my journal but I've been told Tachid is a general for the necromancer Lyras. I did not kill it for this fact. I killed it because it, like the minions with it, got in my way. Perhaps I will seek out this Lyras. She has brought war to all of Kermoria and despite my disdain for the weaker discipline of necromancy, perhaps there is something to be learned from her.

Regardless...with generals such as this Tachid at her side, no doubt she would clamor for someone a bit more capable, if less loyal.

Apr. 7th, 2009




These meetings with lowlanders can stretch even my patience.

They seem to not have the same sense of urgency as those more strongly affected by the threat of Lyras. I can only hope that over their talking that they hear the words of the Council and take them to heart.

The number of people who attend at least gives me heart, since their numbers are not insignificant. And if it leads to even one extra life saved, then my time now is well worth it.

Apr. 2nd, 2009


Second Journal Entry (4-2-09)

Where to begin, I arrived back down here in Forfedhdar a couple weeks ago, travelling south with a friend of mine named Araine. Good lad, Bard of Ratha. While passing through Shard we met up with a friend of mine named Rainea, and we were invited to attend the Shard Militia party. I will not go into the details here, as I am sure, whom ever reads this is familiar with it or has heard the stories of the evening. Regardless it was one of the most enjoyable times I have had in a while.

After the Party we headed to Hib in search of Kragger, and while Araine had to return to Ratha to attend some matters, I stayed and finally ran into Kraggur in Crossing of all places. I voiced my desire to join the Ravens brigade and offer what services I could provide, and he then set me to work under Rieum. He and I have discussed the patrol routes, where possible breaches to the city may occur and where the initial skirmish may happen. And so, for several days after that meeting I have spent my time here training as best I can for the upcoming and inevitable battle.

I was able to see my wife again, if only briefly during Drex and Seb's wedding, which was an amazingly good time as well. I think...I feel it is important to stop now and then and at least enjoy life, for if we do not stop and smile now and then, what is the point in it all? I was able to speak with my wife for a little while at least, tell her what was going on, what may happen, and that I loved her, and I hope not my final goodbye to her. I digress though, that is neither here nor there now...the storm is on the horizon and we must be set to weather it or all of this will be for nothing.

The meeting...ah yes...Terra came down from Muspar'i and we held a bit of an impromptu Elanthian council meeting. There were people from most of the provinces, or at least close enough for those interests to be represented. While I can appreciate a good story, and a history lesson, We were all familiar with the tale of Lyras, and her destructive capabilities. Perhaps I have been out hunting too long, or perhaps I never had a taste for politics, but from what I saw, there was Talk...of Talking...about Talking. I did let my patience slip once or twice, and while I will not say it aloud, I say it here, I was sorry, I did not mean to hurt any feelings or step on toes. I have never been one to use more words than what are needed. But to hear Terra speak of the Affairs of the north, it infuriated me, to see these Barons, Kings and Queens all scrabbling for this piece of land or that. I may have misplaced my anger towards her, but were the Baron at that meeting I would not have spared him my words either, nor this Outcast King. The time to act is now, no amount of words will defend us, and if these 'Leaders' of their people hem and haw about who is marrying who and what sort of truce and what have you, and we few defenders of Forfedhdar fall...then what is left to them...I am half tempted to tell Kraggur we should allow this undead swarm to ravage the provinces while we hole up in the Warrior Mage Guild. It is a Fortress, having a Garden and a fresh water supply, we could hold out there for years and years. To think about for a moment what those hordes could do to those lands..well, it gives me a moments satisfaction, but I would never let such a thing happen, not while I breath, for the people of those lands are not responsible for the Foolishness and Arrogance of those that command them.

I have Traveled out of Forfedhdar for the time being, and I sit in Shard, in the Warrior Mage tower there, contemplating the Eternal Storm created so long ago by my Guild Members. I think about many things today. The Future and the past..and of what I have heard people talk about, such as what is Evil? Would me learning Blackfire to help stop Lyras be considered an Evil thing? Would making a deal with Iszuana or the others here in shard to defeat Lyras be evil? Do the ends justify the means? If I did nothing and stood my ground, doing what I can, without bending the rules or going against society...and those around me died...Does that justify anything? I know it is a bit of Self Importance, but I am who I am. I think I will spend the rest of the evening here, thinking about many things before returning to Forfedhdar.

Penned this the 13th day of the month of Nissa the Maiden in the year 393.


Mar. 27th, 2009



Action Taken

26th Day, Dolefaren the Brigantine, 393 AV, Year of the Bronze Wyvern

Kraggur sits in a booth now gone quiet since his associates have left.
He pulls out a battered raven feather quill and a small scroll.

Well, it is now done. The Citizen's Council of Forfedhdar has taken their first true action. Vansiil, Rieum and myself have called for volunteers to patrol the roads north and west of Hibarnhvidar to watch for any undead incursions by Lyras' hordes. We have established routes, times, and locations. Hopefully now volunteers will come.

I find this work exhausting yet rewarding. If one life of an inhabitant of Forfedhdar can be saved this is all time well spent. Let the other lands run around or march their orderly marches, we will prove that the dwarves are a force to be reckoned with.

We have a relay system that can spread word quickly from as far north as the old Monastery to Hibarnhvidar and west along the Great Salt Road, and even to Horse Clan if someone's mind is open and listening.

It is only the beginning, but it is a start.


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