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October 2009

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Second Journal Entry (4-2-09)

Where to begin, I arrived back down here in Forfedhdar a couple weeks ago, travelling south with a friend of mine named Araine. Good lad, Bard of Ratha. While passing through Shard we met up with a friend of mine named Rainea, and we were invited to attend the Shard Militia party. I will not go into the details here, as I am sure, whom ever reads this is familiar with it or has heard the stories of the evening. Regardless it was one of the most enjoyable times I have had in a while.

After the Party we headed to Hib in search of Kragger, and while Araine had to return to Ratha to attend some matters, I stayed and finally ran into Kraggur in Crossing of all places. I voiced my desire to join the Ravens brigade and offer what services I could provide, and he then set me to work under Rieum. He and I have discussed the patrol routes, where possible breaches to the city may occur and where the initial skirmish may happen. And so, for several days after that meeting I have spent my time here training as best I can for the upcoming and inevitable battle.

I was able to see my wife again, if only briefly during Drex and Seb's wedding, which was an amazingly good time as well. I think...I feel it is important to stop now and then and at least enjoy life, for if we do not stop and smile now and then, what is the point in it all? I was able to speak with my wife for a little while at least, tell her what was going on, what may happen, and that I loved her, and I hope not my final goodbye to her. I digress though, that is neither here nor there now...the storm is on the horizon and we must be set to weather it or all of this will be for nothing.

The meeting...ah yes...Terra came down from Muspar'i and we held a bit of an impromptu Elanthian council meeting. There were people from most of the provinces, or at least close enough for those interests to be represented. While I can appreciate a good story, and a history lesson, We were all familiar with the tale of Lyras, and her destructive capabilities. Perhaps I have been out hunting too long, or perhaps I never had a taste for politics, but from what I saw, there was Talk...of Talking...about Talking. I did let my patience slip once or twice, and while I will not say it aloud, I say it here, I was sorry, I did not mean to hurt any feelings or step on toes. I have never been one to use more words than what are needed. But to hear Terra speak of the Affairs of the north, it infuriated me, to see these Barons, Kings and Queens all scrabbling for this piece of land or that. I may have misplaced my anger towards her, but were the Baron at that meeting I would not have spared him my words either, nor this Outcast King. The time to act is now, no amount of words will defend us, and if these 'Leaders' of their people hem and haw about who is marrying who and what sort of truce and what have you, and we few defenders of Forfedhdar fall...then what is left to them...I am half tempted to tell Kraggur we should allow this undead swarm to ravage the provinces while we hole up in the Warrior Mage Guild. It is a Fortress, having a Garden and a fresh water supply, we could hold out there for years and years. To think about for a moment what those hordes could do to those lands..well, it gives me a moments satisfaction, but I would never let such a thing happen, not while I breath, for the people of those lands are not responsible for the Foolishness and Arrogance of those that command them.

I have Traveled out of Forfedhdar for the time being, and I sit in Shard, in the Warrior Mage tower there, contemplating the Eternal Storm created so long ago by my Guild Members. I think about many things today. The Future and the past..and of what I have heard people talk about, such as what is Evil? Would me learning Blackfire to help stop Lyras be considered an Evil thing? Would making a deal with Iszuana or the others here in shard to defeat Lyras be evil? Do the ends justify the means? If I did nothing and stood my ground, doing what I can, without bending the rules or going against society...and those around me died...Does that justify anything? I know it is a bit of Self Importance, but I am who I am. I think I will spend the rest of the evening here, thinking about many things before returning to Forfedhdar.

Penned this the 13th day of the month of Nissa the Maiden in the year 393.