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October 2009

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redeth in drbookoftales


394, 84 VoL
3rd of Lirisa the Archer, Golden Panther.

I've meditated on various aspects of this war long enough to put what I've gleaned into writing.

Lyras seeks the destruction of life. While I can't fault her tactics her goals run...counter to my own. Her reasons have been speculated on by more interested and intelligent people than myself. Motivation does not interest me. How she plans on doing this is much more intriguing.

She controls the only army in existence that grows stronger the longer it spends in battle, both in numbers and effectiveness. That she is physically weak compared to other invaders that have come before or even some defenders currently fighting in the war is no secret. This is not the strength of the necromancers. A sword and a strong arm to wield it is a good tool but little use in a flood.

That they're largely resistant to elemental magic is...troubling. Holy magic though, the same magic infused in Blackfire in tandum with elemental, seems to work very effectively. I fear this observation will not be well recieved but I'm past the point of caring what these packs of dogs think. If this war is to be won it will not be won at the tip of a sword, however.

A few behavioral notes:

People seem to react vehemently to the various risen Lyras has brought to bear. While I understand a certain amount of distaste...their reaction implies these objects have free will and intent. Klusarlaik has disproven this beyond any reasonable doubt. I find their reactions and implications these are free thinking creatures...stupid. Why I am still surprised by their inability to reason is a mystery to me.