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October 2009

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ehondr in drbookoftales

an Essay on the supposed existence of the gods....

(Ehon sits quietly, writing on the parchment, looking around once and a while at those around him in the library, stacks of books next to him as he rifles through them, reading each one...nodding to himself as he gleans the information from them, and then turning to the parchment he continues on with the writing, unhurried and pausing several times...)

I will attempt in this essay to convey my thoughts and feelings towards the gods in as clear and educated manner as I can. But as is often the case when dealing closely with things that pertain to religion emotion usually gets in the way of clear and rational thought. I have often heard that there are two subjects one should never speak about...Religion and Politics. For both the line seems blurry to some. Some may use Religion to further their goals and political dreams, and some may use politics to further their religious goals. I am employing neither tactic. I would rather like to state a fact, I do not believe in the Gods, nor do I have any political agenda. I do not wish to have all records of the gods stricken, nor do I wish to gain any political power through this essay.

In the End I want what anyone else wants. Someone to spend my life with, a cold beer, and a door to my bathroom.

I shall begin with a quote:

The presence of the Thirteen Immortals of Elanthia is undeniable, their power and mythology woven into the fabric of the universe, their influence as vital as air or sunlight -- but not nearly as intangible. In fact, the primary faith of the Realms is so closely a part of its existence that it has no name -- it is simply taken for granted that everyone believes in the legends of the Thirteen.

Ok, I would like for a moment to work with that quote. I will not deny that it some point in our history that perhaps there were individuals who rose above us in power and knowledge and were able to perform feats that well, for lack of a better word, blew away our ancestors. Perhaps at that point their legends began? Who is to say to their primitive minds, when they angered the gods, or thought they had, real world calamities struck. Such as Volcano's erupting, or earthquakes or what have you. As a Warrior Mage, I have studied the Elements quite lengthily and while I do not have control over Fire, I have a strong affinity to earth, and I too can create an earthquake. Perhaps long long ago, had I lived with this knowledge I too would have been Deified with my knowledge and skills. It is hard to say.

I will admit for a moment, that Clerics intrigue me. They seem to Commune with the Gods, or whom they believe to be the gods. Well do we all know first hand what happens to us when we fall unfortunately to the blade or hand of a foe and how our own spirit seems to want to leave our bodies long behind. What if these immortals, these Gods were once living and breathing such as you and I. and When it was their time to depart and walk the Starry Road, they did not. Perhaps they dwell in a place between, being able to affect only minutely our plane of existence. Yet, when we too are in that in between state we can see them fully, and they have some sort of touch upon us. Perhaps in that state they can know many different things, these spirits, and aid us or hinder us as their mood dictates. For example, Favors. Perhaps at some point they were able to discover that there was a way to help bond the soul to the body, to sacrifice some knowledge in order to extend your own life. Again, I cannot begin to understand the whole connection between our knowledge and the bonding of the soul to this plane. Perhaps it is simply the dumber you are the longer you live, I have seen proof of that on a daily basis.

 I am not sure of anything really, this is simply a theory. But as far as I know the only real argument I have ever had thus far for the existence of them is that I need to die to see them. And some have been 'helpful' in this matter.

On to the next quote:

When mortals or semi-mortals offend a particular god, they are sure to incur the ire of the negative aspect. Attempts to please the gods may bring out the positive aspects, but there is no guarantee. Each Immortal is lord over particular spiritual, natural, magical and astrological domains, for example each Lord has his/her own corresponding planet.

In the past few years I have become quite vocal in my disbelief of the gods, whether it was simply in a loud and heated debate, or ending in my own death, I would never think of killing someone just to prove a point, it seems more along the lines of losing to me, and ethically wrong to me some how. I know my secular views are not popular, and I may be the only one who does not follow the 'gods' blindly. But I have seen many who have claimed to follow the immortals and commit such atrocities against their fellow citizens that it appalls me. In a way it amazes me, that without the guidance of any Deity I have been able to come up with some sort of moral code where I will not do harm to another person, through stealing, or killing or even mistreatment whether verbally or physically. I cannot help it, whether it is my natural Kaldar traits or myself personally, I do feel quite superior in this matter.

I would like to address the current events for a moment as well. The many different people I have met through the course of these events, and how good they are. And how I was not judged on my abilities based on my belief system. As a matter of fact it was not brought up. Whether it was understood what I believed in, or whether they thought I simply believed in the same things they did. It does not matter. What matters is that free thinking individuals stood...stand together against something they they know is wrong deep within their hearts.

Again, I would like to reiterate that I do not wish to sway anyone's beliefs with the words that are written here. They are simply my own words and thoughts, I have no hidden agenda, the only real goal of this is to finally put to words what I have been thinking about and feeling, and perhaps stay the hand of a 'helpful' soul who still wishes to show me that the gods exist when I am dead. As I reread these lines, I think to myself that were I to reread these lines many years from now, how much my thoughts may change. Perhaps there will be some revelation for me showing me that the gods do truly exist, or that I will be able to simply add more lines of rhetoric to this already long winded essay. So, I shall leave you with this then...To be Continued....

Ehon, Citizen of Elanthia, Aesry, and a Member of the Order of the Iron Circle.

(Ehon stands up, and then blowing lightly on the parchment to dry the ink, he leaves it on the desk for all to read as he returns the books to their shelves)