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October 2009

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xzean in drbookoftales

The calm before.

In my travels I have learned a great many details. When I was a Moon Mage, there was only time for learning the esoterica of magic and philosophy for the most part. Now that I am my own person and a simple scholar there are times to learn strange facts. One currently in my mind is the fact that a large storm will quite oddly have an area of calm in the center.

Quite simply, Lyras is our storm and all of Kermoria now stands within this calm area.

It has been months now since any major actions on her part, months that I have been training myself to make any small difference in this conflict. Tonight I shall return to my home, Ilithi, to join many in clearing the roads of Lyras' minions. It shall be odd to return to Shard after so long, but it is now good to be a face in the crowd. I am forgotten, and so my past will not interfere with my ability to help, hopefully, end this threat.

I return to civilization now after weeks in the wild spent contemplating my failure to learn from Xerasyth. Those whom shout about the price not being worth paying in regardless to his information obviously do not remember being at the Warcamp, filled with bodies. When Lyras ripped forth a hole in reality, I silently vowed to do anything to stop this.

If no one else will pay the price, then it falls on me.