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October 2009

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terrameigus in drbookoftales

Ambassador of Peace

The other night, I was with Marsais as we entered the great halls of Therenborough Keep. Lord Chamberlain Isleif Dunshade was about, and there was some heavy discussion regarding a mercenary group known as The Flying Company. I should say now that my opinion of them is neutral, but I have found many of the members to hold a great deal of honor, on a personal level. And I call more than one of it's members a friend.

What worried me about this conversation was the severity in which they treated the situation of the Flying Company being in Therengia. I know they hold honor and loyalty above many things in Therengia, but the way this subject refused to die from their lips almost revolted me. To the point that I did speak out. My concern for their inability ot move past this issue was not met kindly, but I did inspire myself, so to speak. So I asked the Court Advisor for an audience with the Baron.

I understand this may be fruitless, and I understand that I may not be met with kindness, but I must try. I am going to go to the Baron, and ideally other nations as well and appeal to them to listen to reason. To cast aside these petty differences and resentments, at least for now, and unite under one banner. That is my dream. When I held the prayer vigil to Albreda the other night, I felt like my mission became clear. I will travel to each province, as an Emissary of Albreda, to try and help them to understand the severity of our problems. Divided, our lands fell once before to the great evil of the Dragon Priests. This threat is much worse.

Working together, I think we stand a chance.